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Humankind just tends to tickle Erin Cosgrove
The artist finds meaning … and humor … in romance, religion and other preoccupations.
By Holly Myers, Special to the Los Angeles Times, Dec 26, 2010

In the early years of her career, in the mid- to late 1990s, Erin Cosgrove made mixed-media conceptual works with a droll feminist bent. She produced a mock-informational video for women on how to dress so as to not provoke men, for instance, and devised a "Do-It-Yourself Beauty Make-Over and At-Home Plastic Surgery Kit," complete with a paint scraper and instructional photos.

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Essay for the Hammer Museum "What Manner of Person Art Thou?"
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Blood and Irony
By Julian Gough

I yearn for sex, and food, and status, yet when I get all these things, I want more. There must be some greater thing that would satisfy all yearning forever... People have come up with many ideas to satisfy this human ache. Most have been called religions and involve stories designed to make you feel better (you are not a serf, you are the beloved son of God).

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